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Mr. Heater MH15T Single Tank Top Outdoor Propane Heater


Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on amazon.com at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product

  • Quiet operation
  • Efficient radiant heating
  • 1 year warranty

Product description

Portable propane heater mounts to the top of a bulk propane cylinder, Single burner head, 8000-15,000 btu/hr. High-medium-low regulator, tip-over safety shutoff & soft nose pol. Direct connection to 5-20lb. Bulk cylinder, CSA certified.


Petrol to Propane gas Alteration Equipment To Your Auto – Pros and cons

Energy serp to gas serp alteration has been in existence upwards of 40 years. It is merely these days that cars and trucks are starting to grab the Energy to gas alteration movement. There are already alteration sets you can find. But you may want to decide to turn search engines by yourself. And the whole process of accomplishing this, for the excite of road.

I needed a gas heater for a Diwali lawn party. The big ones from Costco were too expensive. So I took a chance and bought this contraption that attaches to a propane tank. Installing it was easy. Starting it was also simple, just follow the...

News feed

CBC.ca Propane heater source of Regina hotel fire 04/09/14, via CBC.ca A propane heater was the source of the fire that destroyed a hotel under construction in Regina's north end on Saturday, investigators say. The structure, which was going to be a Comfort Inn, burned to the ground in the early morning hours when the

E Canada Now Malfunctioning Propane Heaters Cause 3 Brampton Carbon Monoxide Deaths 03/17/14, via E Canada Now The recent breakdown of a furnace at a home in Brampton proved fatal to three people in the house after the owner decided to temporarily use propane heaters. Those temporary heaters apparently malfunctioned, causing deadly carbon monoxide fumes to fill 

No place to go: Deaths of 2 mentally disabled men reveal cracks in the system 04/11/14, via Albuquerque Journal Two weeks after the two men moved in, Jose Encinias made more modifications to the shed, according to the police report. The electric heater wasn't providing sufficient warmth as late October nights grew colder. So Jose installed an additional propane

i bought this heater about 6 years ago from a hardwere store, i have yoused it for ice fishing, it gets the shanty so hot we have to leave the door open some,,it also came as a life saver during power cuts in the winter,it heats good on just the...

Type Heaters Guide

Yurts: Living in the Round" journeys from Central Asia to modern America and reveals the history, evolution, and contemporary benefits of yurt living. One of the oldest forms of indigenous shelter still in use today, yurts have exploded into the twenty-first century as a multi-faceted, thoroughly modern, utterly versatile, and immensely popular modern structure whose possibilities are still being explored. Kemery introduces the innovators who redesigned the yurt and took it from back country trekking and campground uses to modern permanent homes and offices. "Yurts: Living in the Round" shows how to build, insulate, ventilate, and transport a yurt, plus shares invaluable information on everything from foundations and heating to building codes and floor plans. Inspiring and imaginative...
Drive-in Theaters
A primarily American institution (though it appeared in other countries such as Japan and Italy), the drive-in theater now sits on the verge of extinction. During its heyday, drive-ins could be found in communities both large and small. Some of the larger theaters held up to 3,000 cars and were often filled to capacity on weekends. The history of the drive-in from its beginnings in the 1930s through its heyday in the 1940s and 1950s to its gradual demise in modern-day America is thoroughly documented here: the patent battles, community concerns with morality (on-screen and off), technological advances (audio systems, screens, etc.), audiences, and the drive-in's place in the motion picture industry.

propane heater?

i got a small propane heater in my garage its light stays burning on 3 burners then it flares out the flame bounces around the burners in stead of the flame burning inside of the burners the burners are ceramic about 3x6 in anyone know whats the prob?

Is this a newly installed heater? If so make sure it is for LPG/propane and not for natural gas. otherwise your orrifices need blown out. Dont bend them, they should nt have gotten distorted from normal use.

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